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Leben ohne Unterbrechung    

janimberi wachschlafen
janimberi wachschlafen
janimberi travelroom
Leben ohne Unterbrechung
2 screen videoprojection, 4:3, 30min., live sound, 2004

Because everyone of them is depending on the others opinion, because everybody is subjectively manifested by the view of the other, trapped in the picture the other has. Three individuals, one room, life without interruption. Three subjectives of three persons projected on two screens facing each other. The recipient in the middle, caught by an endless confrontation of an unbalanced constellation.

Actors Pirkko Cremer /Nina Hecklau
and Jörg Maier-Rothe
Director Jan Imberi / Tai Elshorst
Camera Artur Wieloch
Sound Florian Wäldele / Valentin von Lindeau
Documentation Jörg Baumann